Making Tete (Phu Language)

Description: Making Tete (Phu)

Tete refers to a kind of spinach local to upper Manang. It does not grow well in Nar, but relatives and acquaintances regularly bring it with them when they go to Nar when it is in season. The speaker is Palma Tsering, age approximately 40, and also Ritar Lhakpa Lama (the male, age approximately 53).

This was recorded with Flip video camera and with the Marantz PMD 60 with stereo microphone (Audio-Technica) on 1 July 2010 in Nar village. The participants have given their permission for the recorded contents to be made publicly available. The Nar-Phu community wants viewers to learn about their beautiful language and culture.

I hope to include a sub-titled version of this video soon.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nar-Phu Blog Reactivated!

Namaste, Tashi Delek, sapa moe (how are you)?

It has been too long from the time that I created this blog in 2010 until now in 2011, when I am finally getting around to adding some meaningful content to it. My excuses are not good ones: I had to put the bulk of my available time into working with the A-V material itself, preparing it for archiving with ELAR, as per my ELDP obligations. I offer my sincere thanks to ELDP/HRELP for their financial support of my studies of the Nar-Phu language.

I have more recently been re-learning the ins and otus of Blogspot. It does not do everything that I wish it would do, but it certainly does enough for a beginning!

All photos and audio-video material posted to this blog has already been cleared through with Human Subjects at my home institution (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), meaning that Nar-Phu speakers knew that their stories could be made publicly available for cultural awareness and education. I will always work to ensure that no compromising, sensitive or scandalous information is ever publicly released to this site. The goal of this blog is to promote Nar-Phu culture and language in a positive light.

I hope that visitors to this site will learn something about this beautiful language: Nar-Phu. I will post additional details about the language, its speakers, its location, its vitality status and scenario, and on scholars who have studied the Nar-Phu people and their language in the past.

Please Enjoy!

Kristine Hildebrandt

Description: Photo Album

These are assorted photos of my visits to Nar village and other upper Manang villages through the years. I will update and add/change photos periodically.